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Happy and Healthy Client Experiences

We are so very grateful for your time, attention and talent. Everett is equal parts sad to leave his special speech teacher and proud of all his new sounds. The excitement he has over hearing/understanding his own progress is awesome and it wouldn't have happened without you!!

Everett's Family

Thank you so much for all of your work with Lucas!!! He really improved so so much and we are so grateful for your patience with him.

Lucas' Family

With remote learning and endless Zoom calls, I was hesitant about speech therapy distance learning for my son Matthew. But I also knew he truly needed some face time with a professional  Once he got used to the routine, he absolutely loved his sessions with Mrs. Fallon! She played games to keep him engaged while working on his speech. She was able to correct him and tell him how to move his mouth and properly place his tongue which was so helpful for me to see and implement at home.

Matthew's Mom

Carter's Mom


Katelin is a kind and patient speech pathologist and our daughter loved her sessions and looked forward to each one. Her speech and comprehension improved considerably and she now tells us stories all the time! Katelin paces sessions excellently and with attention to detail. She also put us completely at ease and gave us strategies to work on between sessions which were so helpful. I recommend Katelin to anyone looking for a speech pathologist.


Addison’s Mom

We have had such an amazing experience with Mrs Fallon as our son Carter’s speech therapist. He only had a few months of face-to-face therapy before we had to switch to teletherapy due to the covid-19 pandemic. He was still able to meet with Mrs. Fallon through the computer and progressed beautifully through it all! We are so thrilled with the progress that he made and are so appreciative that his speech therapy was still a priority. Carter absolutely loves his speech lessons whether in person or a teletherapy and cannot wait for them to start back up!
Thanks for everything!!!

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